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Strep throat

Strep throat is a type of pharyngitis caused by the group A streptococcus family (eg pyogenes) the most commonly known bacterial infection of the throat. Most commonly seen in the age of 5-15 but everyone can get it. It’s transmitted via air droplets or saliva. It can be diagnosed with a well-done physical exam and history and be confirmed with a throat culture, but anyways your doctor will start an empiric treatment (provisional while they receive the lab’s results) that should be created early (after the throat sample is taken, because we do not want to kill the bacteria before know who is) to both prevent complications (glomerulonephritis a type of acute renal insufficiency and valvular diseases of the heart, rheumatic diseases) and speed your recovery. Clinical findings are shown 1-3 days from the contagion as tonsillar exudates (pus/detritus), sore throat, fever, nausea, vomiting, enlarged cervical lymph nodes, and myalgias (muscular aches). The antibiotics of choice are from the Penicillin family including Penicillin V, Amoxicillin, etc.. Although doctors will change the antibiotics to the higher sensitivity antibiotic (most effective) when the lab reports the throat culture values of the antibiogram (a sensitivity test of the cultured bacteria to different selected antibiotics commonly used to kill the detected bacteria).